A Helpful Guide On The Different Slot Machine Symbols

A Helpful Guide On The Different Slot Machine Symbols

All the slot machines have their symbols predefined for each gameplay and displayed on the screen. Mostly the slot machines display symbols like bars, bells, fruits, etc., but the modern slot machines have revolutionized this and display the slot machine symbols related to their gameplay. Slot machine symbols make the game a lot more exciting and entertaining. 

Every symbol carries some value and information about the game they are used in. The online gambling industry has spoiled the players in infinite ways by providing chances to make unlimited choices according to their own will. The industry’s standards have risen significantly due to technological developments.

This guide discusses the different slot machine symbols, which might seem unique to beginners. So, let’s briefly discuss the varieties of slot machine symbols and the importance which they carry with them.

Wild Symbols

There are many kinds of wild symbols available today. However, it isn’t easy to understand how these different symbols function. The function of wild symbols is to work like a magic spell. It can be used to replace one symbol with another to create a winning combination. They can be transformed into anything we wish them to be. But the wild symbols can not take the place of other slot machine symbols like scatter, bonus symbols, etc. 

Some wild symbols are multiplier symbols whose function is to enhance or increase the winning combination by adding more values to the wild symbols. They can not complete the winning combinations but can only improve their values. Some slot machines have random wild symbols or floating wild symbols. These slot machine symbols can get attached to random reel positions after the spin is automatically over. 

Some slot machines can also have bonus games linked with wild symbols. For example, they can turn the reels into fully wild reels once they get awarded. 

Multiplier Symbols

Slot machine symbols

Slot games have multiplier symbols with the unique function of multiplying a certain number of payouts from which they appear on the screen. For instance, we have a 4x multiplier symbol in front of us, which means that it will multiply our payout by four. And the payouts are multiplied according to the number of paylines they appear on. 

These symbols are interesting for the players and excite them a lot, and it positively affects the player’s mind when it appears on the screen. 

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols provide instant happiness through payout to the players. When these symbols appear on the screen, they provide the payout, regardless of whether they are on the payline. They are famous and are used in most video slot games. They are generally rare and very different from the other symbols. When these symbols are generated in quite a few numbers, they offer the player a payout. 

Sometimes, there are extra spins also associated with these symbols. They can activate the bonus features of the games. These symbols usually provide the players with the highest payouts in the video slot machine game. They can appear anywhere on the screen and yield rewards to the player. The more the number of these symbols appearing on the screen, the better payout it will yield. 

Bonus Symbols

Bonus symbols are the ones that excite the players the most. Their function is to trigger a bonus game for the player once they appear on the screen. The only thing to be paid attention to is that there should be a specific amount of these symbols on the screen in different locations on the reels to activate the bonus game feature. For example, the scatter and bonus symbols often have similar functions to perform and describe the same kind of feature on the river slots sweepstakes game. 

The most common method of activating the bonus game is to line up at least three bonus symbols on the same reel. Sometimes, the bonus symbols spin on almost all the reels to let the bonus feature come around. Then, once the maximum number of coins gets activated on the payline, the player can kick start the bonus game feature. 

Regular Slot Machine Symbols

Slot machine symbols

There are a standard set of symbols for each river slot casino game. The player receives the payout according to number of matching symbols on the particular reel. The regular riversweeps slot symbols include the likes of poker card values, lucky seven, the bar, cherry, and so on. You need to combine these symbols on the same reel and make sure that the payline goes through that reel so that you can score some wins along the way. Regular slot symbols are available in most slot machines regardless of the type and the theme. 


Reading this guide, you must have got an idea about what these different slot machine symbols are and what significance they carry. Besides the slot symbols and their importance, it is also crucial for a player to understand how the paytable in each game works. Once you master the betting strategies in different types of slots, you will have profitable gaming experiences afterward. Moreover, to increase your winning chances, you should choose online casino games that feature more high-value slot machine symbols. 



Author: Bradley Stewart