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Sports Interaction News Week 16 2023 – Here is the action report and odds for the NHL & NBA with odds plus favorites for this week. See what Sports Interaction has to offer during this week.

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Sports Interaction News Week 16 2023


In the Stanley Cup playoffs, just a single game can mean a lot to bettors and bookies. Heading into Wednesday nights action each series has completed one game and were already seeing movement on the futures board. Take the New York Rangers, for example. They beat the New Jersey Devils on the road in Game 1 and moved from +1400 all the way to +1000 to win the Stanley Cup. The Winnipeg Jets won their opener against the Vegas Golden Knights and saw their Cup odds go from +3536 to +2470 overnight. The Edmonton Oilers blew a Game 1 lead to the Los Angeles Kings and went from +751 to +991. Thats why its so important to keep an eye on the futures market because these numbers will be moving. Same thing goes for series odds. When each game means so much, you can get ahead of betting trends if you feel like you have a good handle on which teams will advance. If you still like the Toronto Maple Leafs to beat the Tampa Bay Lightning after they dropped Game 1, theyre now series underdogs at +116 with the Lightning at -132. And for those of you thinking that this might be the year a Canadian team hoists the Cup for the first time since 1993, a Canadian team making the Stanley Cup finals is priced at +134.
Of course, its a similar story in the NBA playoffs now that we`re well into each seven-game series. Another place to look for value during the post-season is the MVP futures market. Since the MVP almost always goes to a player from the team that wins the Championship, MVP odds are subject to a lot of movement as each series progresses. So far odds for the top five players on the board haven’t moved much with Giannis Antetokounmpo (+201) leading the way followed by Jayson Tatum (+231), Kevin Durant (+477), Joel Embiid (+489), and Nikola Jokic (+558). These numbers can and will move drastically from one night to the next, so it’s worth noting where they are now for reference. As you’d expect, Stephen Curry (+839) and LeBron James (+1077) are also seeing some significant action. On the outright futures market to win the NBA Championship it’s still the Boston Celtics on top at +231. The Milwaukee Bucks are next at +263, followed by the Phoenix Suns (+434), Philadelphia 76ers (+566), Denver Nuggets (+735), Los Angeles Lakers (+854), and Golden State Warriors (+1016).

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Author: Bradley Stewart