Use These Strategies to Win Big on Zeus Slots

Use These Strategies to Win Big on Zeus Slots

The Zeus slots is a famous WMS-powered video slot. It was initially released in April 2008, and it is still available at a number of online and mobile casinos today. Its seamless transition from land-based to online casinos has made it one of the most popular slot brands to endure decades of fierce slot machine competition.

How do Zeus slots work?

Zeus slot games aren’t difficult to play, which is part of their attraction. You must assist Zeus in running Mount Olympus. The first step is to control your wager, which you can accomplish by watching or changing the pay lines and changing the coin value for your stake. The “Lines” option changes the pay lines, while the “Bet/Line” option changes the coin value, which runs from 0.01 to 5. Press the “Spin” or “Auto Spin” buttons to start the game when you’re ready to play. The first starts the game, while the second keeps the reels spinning for a predetermined amount of time.

Standard Zeus casino slots include three rows and five reels, with the Zeus symbol “stacked” across the game. This allows the top symbol, Zeus, to appear many times on the same reel. The good news is that none of the card symbols is dull.

Winning is determined by landing winning symbol combinations from left to right. The majority of payouts require three scatter symbols to be matched together. However, the thunder icon only requires two symbols to appear on the pay line to win.

Remember that you may set your pay lines to as few as five or as many as thirty. The Pegasus, the second-highest paying symbol, is the favourite of experienced players in the sophisticated versions of Zeus. Like Zeus, it only takes two symbols on the pay lines to offer you an uncommon and well-paid win. It assists you in triggering a bonus and hitting 3 to 5 symbols on the lines awards you with extra free spins.

Volatility and balance

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The bonus is the most usual large win. The greatest payout is obtained by completely covering the display with Zeus symbols. You can also use Wild Symbols to substitute Zeus emblems, awarding players up to 500 times their wager. If you play the Zeus Slots at a high limit, the Pegasus symbol pays on a 2-reel. It might help you win even more. Zeus Slots players would not make much real money if it weren’t for the bonus. On the other hand, some players could have been lucky and won big.

Jackpots and winning lines

Because the Zeus Slot game is a medium volatility game, it is unlikely that a player would win a substantial quantity of money. However, gamers may make a respectable sum of money while having a fantastic time.

The Zeus slots accept coins in values ranging from 0.01 to 5.00. Every instant on a line, players must utilise a single coin. The minimum bet per payline is 0.30. But the maximum bet per payline is 5.00. It is possible to place a maximum stake of up to 150.00, which will result in a 2,500.00 prize and 500 casino credits.

The symbols of the Zeus slots online can be stacked. This means that stacked wilds might appear on every spin. This slot machine has 30 active paylines, which allows players to keep their money reserves churning for as long as they desire.

Allocate your money and play correctly

If you have $1,000 and can’t wait to spend it on gaming, split it into five equal halves and choose the same number of machines. Set a maximum loss amount and a total of 15-20 free spins of win. Begin by placing a few small wagers. After reaching the maximum number of bets or spins, switch to the other machine. If there is a walkover, withdraw money and begin a new game.

The technique of double and reduce

This strategy necessitates determining a minimum punt ahead of time. In the case of a loss, regardless of the number of spins, the size of the wager cannot be modified in accordance with the requirements of the strategy.

If you win after the first doubling, your stake is twice again. In the case you lose, the next ante will have a reduction by two times. During the game, the method does not vary.

One of the advantages of this technique is that the place of the next wager is on the reward money after victory. You can “raise” a lot of money if you can get into the “stream.”

The Umbrella Method

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This strategy easily adjusts the number of stakes during the game procedure. There is no specific algorithm for this strategy. Everyone may personalise it according to their tastes.

The time the player puts into the game, the style he chooses (aggressive or cautious) and the amount of money he has are the most important aspects of the “umbrella” strategy.

Many individuals have been successful at Zeus Slots tips and tricks as a result of this strategy. There is no need to increase or decrease the stake abruptly. The gambling procedure should be steady and deliberate.

Final Thoughts

Zeus is a fun slot machine game to play. You will like playing it, especially if you are a fan of Greek mythology. Zeus slots’ design is equally appealing, with attractive visuals, an easy-to-use interface, and straightforward gameplay which makes the game perfect option for players.  You can also receive extra spins while playing, with the highest amount being 100.


Author: Bradley Stewart