Which States Will Legalize iGaming Next?

Which States Will Legalize iGaming Next?

The iGaming industry has swept the USA of its feet in the past few years. While it’s fully active (online casino and sports betting) in only six states, many others are waiting on the sidelines to offer legal online casino gaming. Don’t confuse it with sports betting. That’s a completely different beast whose legalization is also set to follow. However, due to the growing number of mobile casinos now available in NJ, we’re focusing on iGaming only in this article.

So, which states are most likely to introduce legal iGaming this year and beyond? Let’s find out.

Which States Will Legalize iGaming Next?

Indiana is Likely Next

The Hoosier State recently introduced a pair of bills with the intention to legalize iGaming. Titled HB 1356 and HB 1337, they both serve the purpose of legalizing online casino gaming and introducing an 18% tax on it. Now here’s the catch – it’s pretty far from being legalized soon. However, the drafts have already been filed and referred to the House Committee on Public Policy.

They now need to make their way through the House and Senate before Senator Eric Holcomb signs them and makes them law. Casino fans are in for some bad news – many experts don’t see it happening in 2022 unless lawmakers hurry up. So, unless a miracle happens, it’ll be 2023 at the earliest. What matters the most is that Indiana is very interested in legalizing iGaming.

Illinois and Maryland Joining the Fray?

The state of Illinois is sure to join the legalized market, but the likelihood of this happening in 2022 is “nil”, as State Senator Dave Syverson put it. The focus right now is on land-based gambling venues, with a shift expected online beyond 2022. The Senator said that he doesn’t see it happening until all the land-based facilities are done. With plans for at least a few coming this year across the state, the process will be time-consuming.

While there’s no movement on the iGaming front this year, the possibility of it happening in 2023 and beyond is looking high.

Maryland shares almost the same fate. Retail sports betting launched in December 2021 and the Maryland lottery is currently fully focused on it. Mobile sports betting is on course to be legalized in late 2022, but fully iGaming legalization isn’t expected this year.

There’s a lot of legal paperwork for such a law to be signed, although there will surely be a push from Maryland lawmakers. Regardless, iGaming legalization isn’t coming in 2022, but it’s almost a lock beyond.

How is Legal iGaming Doing in the USA?

It’s doing pretty well if you ask us. Revenues are going up each year, especially when it comes to New Jersey. The NJ poker and online casino armament finished 2021 with a bang, breaking the previous revenue record with a fresh $1.4 billion gross. This means that the market is fruit is already ripe and there for the taking.

Other states have reported fantastic revenues from online gambling, and it won’t be long before other states realize the same. It’s a juggernaut that can’t be stopped no matter how hard states like Utah fight it.


Americans love to gamble and that’s no lie. Both legal and illegal venues were popular in the USA for centuries and the fact that Las Vegas is the world’s gambling capital says a lot. However, times have changed and the industry has focused its efforts online. Many states are keeping up with the times, but, a bit surprisingly, others are lagging with adoption.

Still, there’s a growing number of states that should legalize iGaming soon, allowing its citizens to enjoy the fruits of online gambling in any form.

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Author: Bradley Stewart